Experiencing anxiety when it comes to certain situations or experiences is a part of life. However, when anxiety persists it can become difficult for individuals to lead their normal day lives.

Both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine work towards helping such individuals regain aspects of their lives back through different courses of treatment. Research has shown that certain forms of psychotherapy as well as medication can help treat anxiety. But now many recommend alternative medicine approaches, such as herbal medicine and acupuncture. Studies have shown that acupuncture helps release serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins—neurotransmitters that help relax your body and allow you to feel better. Often times patients who come in with acute or chronic anxiety report that even after the first treatment they feel slightly better and more at ease. The reason is because the release of the neurotransmitters produces instantaneous effects in the body. With further treatment, often paired with Chinese herbs, our goal is to help patients feel better and more in control. 

I’ve had general anxiety since I was a kid. But my anxiety heightens to an immense degree when it comes to flying. I actually hadn’t been on a plane for the last seven years. I initially came in for hip pain, but I asked if they could help with my anxiety. My son was getting married in Arizona and I had to make it. But if anyone mentioned anything about a flight I would have a panic attack. After coming in for a few more treatments specifically for my anxiety, I felt like I had the courage to book the tickets without having to bail. The wedding was beautiful, and I feel so lucky that I made it.
— Tracy Z.
As a lawyer, I often face many strenuous cases. After a while on the job, the amount of anxiety that built up before I had a litigation- it became hard to handle. I would feel nervous, my heart would start pounding, my body would get sweats and I would have trouble sleeping days leading up to it. I used to call TCM Health Center the morning of and say, “I need to have a treatment—my litigation is this afternoon!” After the treatments I feel like I can literally handle anything.
— Jamie F.