At TCM Health Center there are two primary types of patients who come in for nausea/vomiting: patients with morning sickness or chemotherapy related nausea/vomiting. Though the root of the condition drastically varies, acupuncture has been shown to provide alleviating effects for patients who come in for nausea and/or vomiting. At our clinics we work with individuals to provide the best possible service for the conditions they seek treatment for.

  • A 2002 study conducted by Smith et al. created a trial in which 593 women less than 14 weeks pregnant were divided into various groups and symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dry retching, and overall health status was monitored over the course of 4 weeks of acupuncture treatment. The results of the study concluded that women who received traditional acupuncture versus no acupuncture had less nausea and dry retching and acupuncture is an effective treatment for women who are experiencing such symptoms.
  • A 2013 meta-analysis by Garcia et al. of 41 studies fitting suitable criteria in a controlled environment concluded that acupuncture is an appropriate form of treatment for chemotherapy-induced nausea/vomiting.

If you have any further questions about acupuncture treatment for nausea/vomiting, please feel free to give any one of our locations a call to schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

I have given birth to five beautiful daughters. For each pregnancy I’ve had to be hospitalized due to the severity of my vomiting. I couldn’t take in food or water and I had to get an IV. During my sixth pregnancy I was hospitalized again and the nurse told me that I should try acupuncture. After acupuncture, I didn’t return to the hospital gain. My nausea was so alleviated that I was even able to eat pizza! It was something I never could have imagined.
— Emma R.