For individuals with Bell’s palsy, the condition is often temporary and symptoms tend to improve over the course of time. However, the symptoms can be a hindrance towards daily actions from smiling to eating to speech. Thus, often times many patients seek different forms of treatment or medication to help quicken and alleviate the healing process.

The cause for Bell’s palsy remains unclear though it is believed to be a virus that attacks the nerves in the facial muscles causing inflammation. In Western medicine, medications are commonly used to help combat the inflammation or virus though the effects are often varied. Acupuncture has been shown to help stimulate the nerves to regenerate faster resulting in speeding up recovery time. An important note is that Bell’s palsy is best treated early on, as patients are more successful with a shorter recovery period. 

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I couldn’t close my eyes. I couldn’t drink water or chew. I never imagined one day waking up and struggling with these basic actions. Thankfully I found TCM Health Center during the early stages and they were very aggressive with treatment—every single day for the first week and then three times a week for the following weeks. Acupuncture helped speed up my recovery time and made some of the symptoms less prevalent. I’m so thankful I found acupuncture when I needed it.
— Kelly K