In China, famous athletes have doctors who follow them on tours to do acupuncture and tui na (Chinese massage) due to the treatments’ quick relief for pain and shortening of recovery time. In addition to helping with recovery and other pain and inflammation that may arise, acupuncture also helps with preventing injury ahead of time.

The reason acupuncture is so effective with sports injuries is because the stimulation of the central nervous system (which releases neurotransmitters such as endorphins—natural painkillers) helps alleviate the pain associated with sports injuries. Furthermore, the stimulation also increases blood flow circulation in the body helping reduce inflammation and speeding up recovery time.

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Every time I run a marathon I come in for acupuncture. I used to be very prone to injury- sprained ankles, muscle strains—things that would leave me unable to run for at least a week. But you have to train and you have to keep training all the way up until the marathon. So now during training I get acupuncture once a week. Before the actual marathon I would have two treatments and after a marathon I would have two as well. I haven’t had an injury since! And because of that I’ve been able to run faster and longer.
— Jerry K.