Patients who come in with bursitis often ask for treatment of pain in the shoulder, lower back, knee, elbow and hip. Typical treatment for bursitis includes rest and rehabilitation for the affected areas; however, often times the areas affected are essential to our everyday movement. Because flare-ups can often occur in individuals who have already experienced bursitis, some doctors will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or injections of steroids.

Acupuncture works towards balancing the qi and flow of energy in the body. The reason why acupuncture is often so successful with conditions related to pain and inflammation is due to its stimulation of the central nervous system to help release neurotransmitters such as endorphins, which act as natural painkillers, as well as increasing blood flow. Patients who come in for bursitis often times find immense relief with acupuncture treatment as it helps with pain and inflammation.

In a 2007 observation conducted by Sheng et al., researchers examined the effectiveness of acupuncture with bursitis via shoulder pain. The results of the study indicated that acupuncture had a high rate of efficacy among patients and produced promising results.

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At age 73 I wanted to backpack across the Appalachian Mountains. It had always been a dream of mine. About 2 months before I was planning on leaving the pain resulting from my bursitis had reached a new level. I had taken every type of pain pill you could imagine. I couldn’t walk, sleep, or sit up straight. I came into TCM Health Center and asked them if they could guarantee that I wouldn’t need to cancel my trip. We did four weeks of treatment and the pain went from a 9 out of 10 to a 3. On good days it’ll even be a 2! I was able to make my trip and it was incredible.
— Arlo S.
I had pain to the point where I couldn’t stand up for even short periods of time. I came into TCM Health Center asking if there would be any possibility I would be able to make my family a special meal for Christmas dinner. With acupuncture treatment the pain decreased immensely—and Christmas dinner was quite delicious if I do say so myself!
— Gabriella D.